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Carla Marciano, a very skilled altoist from Italy, recorded her first CD as a leader in 2002, Trane’s Groove. John Coltrane was her strongest influence at the time and his approach can still be heard in her playing on her fourth CD, Stream Of Consciousness. But while Ms. Marciano takes Coltrane of 1964-65 as her main inspiration, she plays alto and sopranino sax (rather than Coltrane’s tenor and soprano), and she takes his style as a point of departure rather than emulating him too closely. She is joined on her recent CD by pianist Alessandro La Corte (who at times sounds like McCoy Tyner), bassist Aldo Vigorito and drummer Gaetano Fasano. The CD opens with the one non- original of the program, a modal version of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” that one could imagine Coltrane recording. Marciano’s three- part Stream Of Consciousness suite is full of fire while, on the intense but melodic “Inside,” Marciano sounds close to Charles Lloyd in spots, at least until the lengthy and original cadenza. She particularly excels on the closing “Handshake.” Throughout Stream Of Consciousness, Carla Marciano plays with consistent intensity, really pushing herself and her musicians to play at their most passionate. The results are quite exciting and available from Alfa Music label.


Autore: Scott Yanow